Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tutorial 4 - Play with Rainbow

In this tutorial I'll tell you how to make rainbow and its variations using "Gradient tool". With Gradient and some simple tools you can do amazing things.
Here we go Step by step.

Lets Start:

You can make this, even more better.

Step 1:

First select Selection tool from toolbar and draw a rectangle same as shown in the figure.


Step 2:

Select Gradient tool, Draw Gradient like in the image. (You can see the use of Gradient tool in previous Tutorial#3).


Step 3:

Same as previous step do this as many times as much colors you want. Like I did in the figure.


Step 4:

Now select all the Gradients with tool shown in the figure.


Step 5:

Drag all the colors to the next blank "Landscape" page. (See Next Step).


Step 6:

Rotate as you wish.


Step 7:

Now select to Edit>Transform>Warp. 


Step 8:

You can select the effects like shown in the image. I selected Arc.
Or you can manually do any thing after selecting "Warp".

Step 9:

Here I selected "Flag" from Warp, drop down menu.


Step 10:

Now I am going to make Balloon.
I selected "Fish" from warp drop down menu


Step 11:

Change the dimension little bit as your need, manually.


Step 12:

I removed the extra thing, and made a box and lines under the balloon.


You are here...
Hope it will help You..
Good Luck.
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