Saturday, 13 July 2013

Funny Facebook Covers

Funny Facebook Covers:

Hi! here are Facebook cover photos. these all Funny Cover photos Made by "Twinkle Star's Graphics".
It is exact size of Facebook cover. You just have to download these photos. More others are coming Soon.
Just click on the photo to enlarge

1. Einstein:

"During exam I feel myself like Einstein, I discover the things, which no one ever have seen before."

2.Oye Kidher :

"Eyes, Facebook cover"

3. Girlfriend:

"If you cant change your girlfriend,, change your girlfriend."

4. I am Sec-c:

"I am sec-c and I know it."

5. Theenga:

"Friend request blocked??? Theenga."

6. Susu:

"Susu na kiya tou phir kiya jiya."


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