Monday, 1 July 2013

Tutorial 5 - How to make Urdu Wallpapers

In this tutorial I'll tell you how to add Urdu in your photos and make Wallpapers with Urdu text.
To add urdu in photos, you have to Install a software named "Inpage Urdu". You can download Inpage Urdu Software From Here...
After Installation of Inpage you can write urdu text and you've to copy the urdu image into photoshop... Follow the tutorial...
Here we go Step by step.

Lets Start:

In this tutorial I'll tell you to make this..

Step 1:

First of all open the "Inpage Urdu" and create NEW..

Step 2:

now you have to make some settings(If you installed Inpage for 1st time).  Go to Edit>Preference>KeyboardPreference. As shown in the Figure.

Step 3:

Now change the Keyboard to "Phonetic". Phoetic keyboard is easy to write urdu.
Like in Phonetic "A" is "Alif", B is "Bay", C is "Chay".... and so on.
right under the keyboard selection there is a button (in version Inpage 2009 and less) . if you click there is all keyboard shown all the keys and functions . (Must Check).

Step 4:

Now write your text. and change the font color, Size and Font Style as your need.
In font Styles, I selected "Asaar" font. usually there is "Noori Nastaliq" the general urdu font.
If you want to write in fance font I'll suggest "Naskh", "Sulus", "Jameel" , "Diwani", "Noori Nastaliq" , "Dubai" , "Bombay Black".

Step 5:

Now when you done with your text. Click "File>Export Page".

Step 6:

In the Next windoe Click "Brows"(that window is not shown in the figure) the window in the Figure will shown. Now write the name of file.
Never remember to change the option to "Encapsulate Post Script files".
As shown in the Figure.

Step 7:

Now Open the "Adobe Photoshop". open the EPS file which was exported. or Drag the file in Photoshop. this option will appear. click OK.

Step 8:

This will be the output.

Step 9:

Create New file and add the effects as your need. Like in the figure I am adding gradient. ( You can see the use of gradient in previous tutorials of this blog). Check the highlighted areas in Figure

Step 10:

Now Select the cursor tool from toolbar and drag the urdu text to your new image. (You can do the same by Copy & Paste).

Step 11:

Now Select the Urdu text Layer. Right Click on it and Select "Blending Options" 2nd option in the list.
After this Select "Color Overlay" and select the color which you want.
important areas are highlighted in the figure.

Step 12:

Your Image will look Like this.

Step 13:

In this step I added a vector image under the "Urdu" layer. You can add the graphics as per the need of your design.

Step 14:

Here is the Final Image..

You can do better than this..
I've made some of the designs using the same technique and Inpage Urdu.

Or this...
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